What’s in my CSP?

All of my pads are made using high quality fabrics, all of which have been tested to ensure their effectiveness for the job. Here you will find out exactly which fabrics are used, and how many layers are in each pad.

Liner – 1 x Cotton Flannel

Light – 2 x Cotton Flannel

Regular – 1 x Zorb 3D

Heavy – 1 x Zorb 3D 1 x Super Heavy

Organic Bamboo Fleece (SHOBF)

Super/Night/Post-Partum – 2 x Zorb 3D 1 x SHOBF

Zorb 3D is a high quality absorbent material, produced in the USA , using organic cotton. Absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and soaks up 20 times faster than other material (bamboo, cotton, hemp knits)

Facial Rounds are backed with either Organic Bamboo Velour, or Bamboo terry. Each listing will specify which. Wipes are backed with Bamboo Terry which has anti-microbial properties and excellent texture for that clean feeling.