What are reusables?

Did you know every disposable sanitary pad ever made is still in existence? They’re either floating around our precious oceans or clogging up landfill. Cloth pads are a great way to reduce your single use plastics consumption and reduce your waste going to landfill.

Disposable pads restrict air flow which can result in uncomfortable itching and cause infection. Cloth is much nore breathable and comfortable for you! There are several fabric options you can choose from giving you the chance to make them customizable to your needs.

Not only can you choose from various toppers, but length, absorbancy and backers can also be customized.

Reusables, when looked after appropriately, can last years. This will save you money in the long run. Good for the environment and good for your pocket, win win!

Disposable wipes often contain plastic (Who knew?! I know I didn’t!). They will also hang around on landfill, in our oceans and blocking sewers, they simply do not biodegrade. Cloth wipes are more effective at cleaning mucky bums, usually only 1 wipe needed per change, and much kinder to skin for removing makeup!

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